Go-Color Odyssey - Essendon Studios

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One of the interesting game style – Go-Color comes off and seems to be jumpy platformer gameplay at first glance, but once you begin playing and have a deeper insight, you actually realize that it’s quite unique.

It’s all about the simple set of rules in this gameplay: there are some colors you can touch, few of them you need to avoid, don’t fall and die.


  • One touch-gameplay
  • More than 85 addictive levels
  • Jump over the color blocks as per indicated by the milestone ball’s in way
  • Tap to jump
  • Tap twice to double jump

Very similar to Flappy Bird addiction,it seems to be very simple but also very hard to master, and with every single gameover screen you’re left feeling unsatisfied and crave to play more and beat the score.

Such a well developed gameplay, the music and soundtrack makes it feel awesome though perhaps a great deal of frustration comes from the cheerful music being abruptly interrupted every death.

Release Date 17/03/2016

Genre Games Arcade

PlatForms ios

Available on